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Monday, December 20, 2010

People Around Me

This is the 1st post for today but the 2nd one for this blog. Actually I dont really know ape nak update but suddenly I teringat kat orang2 yang ade around me and accept me for who i am.

First, my biggest priority of coz to my FAMILY. Thanks for being there for me whenever i'm in need :) and definitely I LOVE you all a lot even sumtimes I do merungut tu ni kat rumah. *aduh! susah gak tulis blog ni. leh wat org nangis* haish! mmg jarang la nak cakap benda2 camni bile face to face. xtau nape cam segan. hehehe.

Secondly, thanks to my CHENTA HATI yang d kasihi for being such a wonderful boyfriend. cewah! :D i guess nothing much to say to u coz i keep on updating kat fb how much i do love u. Hahaha. its been 2yrs 4mths and i'm glad we're still holding on together. you're the best, sayang.

Hohoho. to my SENGALS CUZEN, Elya, Jun n Nadiah. korg mmg terbaek! LOL lepak ngan korg sure ade je gosip2 t'hangat. memang xpnah la jumpa korg takde cite baru. dah agak lame la tak wat sleepover tdo rumah2 korg. nak tdo rumah aku mmg tak la kan. hahaha! so when will be our next meeting?  

to all my BFF, kim especially, sorry la if kite jarang jumpa nowadays. we both know why la kan but whatever it is, incase ko bace blog ni, aku nak btau yg aku sayang ko sgt2!

Last but not least, to all the people out there, i'm the most luckiest person to have u in my life.



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